Dr. Wu's Institute

Dr. Wu's Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan Institute was established by Dr. Fred Ming-an Wu, Ph.D., in the 1960's in Columbus, Ohio. The Institute continues to be guided by the principles of its founder, who taught Chinese Kung Fu, cultural arts and philosophy for over 40 years:

  1. Individualized, one-on-one instruction
  2. Strict qualifications for instructors
  3. No "students teaching students"
  4. Incorporation of philosophy and history into training of the martial arts
  5. Emphasis on practical applications of martial arts forms
  6. Developing the "whole" person, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects

The mission of the Institute is to teach authentic, traditional Chinese Kung Fu. Dr. Wu adapted the traditional Chinese martial arts instructional methods to develop his own method of training by which most students are able to learn well and learn quickly. This method emphasizes individualized, detailed instruction, repetition and practical applications.

Dr. Wu passed on his method and arts to our present chief instructor, Sifu Steve Madaffari. He was a student of Dr. Wu for 14 years and is a 6th generation practitioner in the lineage of the Guang Hua Mountain Ba Gua Zhang. He is currently the only known person in America who has knowledge of the entire system. He also has learned other internal, external and intermediate styles of Kung Fu.

Dr. Wu's Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan Institute offers instruction in the following styles:

  • Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang
  • Wing Chun, Chin-Na (seizing, locking)
  • Chinese weaponry: Wu Tang Sword, Southern Shaolin Staff Form, other double-edge sword, long staff, and broad sword forms
  • Self Protection Program is offered using a variety of movements that are functional practical, and streamlined for application

The Institute's studio is located in Grandview, a centrally located suburb of Columbus, Ohio.For information or appointments call 1 (614) 315-1270.

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